Monday, 21 July 2014

It has been far too long.........

Unfortunately life has interfered with the development of the Ruritanian adventure, looking for work, lacrosse and looking after my grandaughter have all meant that staging games has been difficult. However, every cloud has its own silver lining, and so those nights that I have been sat at home after putting my grandaughter to bed and most spare moments in the day have been dedicated to painting up my lead pile.

Greek Evzones from Tiger Miniatures Balkan War range

I now have a number of generic Balkan troops including Bulgarians, Montegrans, Greeks and Serbians, as well as new character figures and weird science items. I also have collected a good selection of Egyptians for a True Followers of Ra company, as well a thugee band for some future adventure.

I have heard some harsh comments about these figure, I don't agree!

The next game is now being planned and will be a continuation of my first effort. You may recall that the Romanovs raided a Dacian outpost, and rather through luck and superior numbers than sound tactical skill they managed to drive away the enemy and remove from the battlefield two prisoners.

More from Tiger Miniatures, Balkan Irregulars

The first of these was a Dacian trooper, who although tough and obviously loyal to his master Alucard eventually gave way to the brutal persuasion methods of his Okrana trained captors. He revealed what little he knew or had heard regarding the Dacian plans, strength, and locations in particular the rumoured base of the Dacian scientific research team deep in the Transylvanian Alps.

The figures are from a mixture of Montenegrans, Bulgarians and Serbs

The second though was of greater interest, one of Alucard's acolytes, labelled the Undead. Held captive in chains wrought of silver that had been blessed by the Eccumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Constantinople himself the creature was put to the question. The prisoner writhed in silent agony as silver nitrate scorched the creature's undead flesh,  and the archprior of the monastery of Mount Athos, tested holy iconography and relics as weapons against him. After long days of torment in which the prisoner was shot, slashed, burned, smeared in garlic, washed in blessed water or oil, and sometimes showered with strong acid a silvered blade was finally used to remove the creatures head, and in failed to rise again.

The Romanovs, urged on by the envoys of the Autocephalous Churches have determined to take the fight again to the heart of Alucard's realm, and raised a force of tough dedicated fighters from their lands and forces of the patriarch. These men, strong in faith and armed with silvered blades have been  directed to approach in stealth the heart of the Dacian darkness and root out its evil core.

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